Lawn Moss

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We have your answer to Moss control.
Moss is a shallow rooted plant that covers the ground, smothering grass and exhausting food reserves from the soil. It grows most actively in late autumn and winter, especially during mild, wet weather with overcast skies and it spreads by a variety of methods. Most species produce small capsules containing spores above the leafy part of the plant and these spores are easily dispersed by wind, water or traffic.

After coming into contact with soil, they germinate and form a plant-like structure that is the first stage in the development of moss. Moisture and minerals are absorbed and produce new buds which give rise to new stems. In most cases moss cannot invade a vigorous, healthy lawn. The presence of moss may be a result of low fertility or heavy shaded, wet damp areas.

We use a Turf registered herbicide that provides quick control of moss in fine turf, by inhiniting a key enzyme in moss production. Our moss control will not harm fine turf grasses and because it leaves minimal residue it allows for fast re-establishment of grass which is the best defence against moss.  For control anytime you need it, click here >>
Scarifying helps keep Moss under control and will greatly improve your lawns condition.