How much does it cost?

Can I save $$ by doing it myself?

We’re convinced we will give you a much better looking lawn without all the hassles!

Ask yourself these 5 simple questions… 
  • Do you have the time to do it and when will you get it done?
  • Do you know what to buy and how much?
  • Do you have a good spreader and back pack sprayer?
  • If you have other problems in your lawn who should you turn to for lawn care advice?
  • What if your treatment doesn’t work so well?  Can you go back to the retail store or garden shop and ask them for a refund, or visit your property to inspect the results because it didn’t work very well? 

The products we use are not available to you on retail shelves. The products we handle require our staff GrowSafe accredited.
We are constantly on the look out for new products that are safer and more effective than you can source yourself. You can rest easy that we know what they are, when to apply them and how to apply them properly.
We treat thousands and thousands of lawns all year around and we offer an expert service. We use state of the art equipment, our applications are 100% safe, our operators are 100 % fully qualified and our services are 100% guaranteed. Factor this all in and we are 100% confident we can do it cheaper than you can do it for yourself!