Nick Redmond - Co Director and Technical Operations Manager Pimp my Lawn

Co-founder of Pimp my Lawn and a qualified Greenkeeper, Nick has a diploma in Horticulture and Amenity Turf management and brings comprehensive experience to Pimp my Lawn from his years of involvement in golf course construction and amenity turf maintenance. His involvement with these leading NZ Turf projects has resulted in a lawn care programme with real edge and allows Pimp my Lawn to continue to market its' lawn weed and feed service with 100% qualification and guarantee. Nicks strong understanding of the scientific, technological, business management principles and techniques that underpin lawn care in NZ, is vital in our Company’s success.
Before Pimp my lawn came along, Nick also owned and operated a company called Planet Turf for 8 years. 
Planet Turf specialised in Turf construction & its ongoing maintenance. It provided hydro seeding, erosion and dust control services throughout the wider Hawkes Bay region and successfully completed thousands of residential and commercial lawn projects.
It also looked after one of Hawkes Bays most elite private school grounds which included maintaining rugby and soccer playing fields, clay cricket blocks and artificial cricket/tennis, hockey courts, and the surrounding formal gardens. The company was successfully sold in early 2012.

Now Nick leads the team in the field at Pimp my Lawn and will often be found sitting side saddle with our Operators on their daily travels. It is here that he formulates his strategies (and often several of them all at once) before racing back to HQ to unleash them for discussion.

When he's not talking grass, he is generally found enthusiastically preparing to hunt, fish and gather. He's a mad meat cooker over coal and wood. Please don't ask Kate how many BBQ he owns!