Grass Grub Applications

  • Safe around Kids and Pets
  • Up to 6 months protection *

(*)Protection against Grass grub, Black Beetle, Argentine Stem Weevil and effective against caterpillars including Sod Webworm, Greasy Cutworm and Porina.

One application will provide you with up to 6 months protection. Lawn grubs are a seasonal issue and you may find you experience more than one infestation each spring and autumn. Make sure to keep an eye out for the signs of lawn grub activity.

  • Increased bird activity
  • Spongy texture
  • Brown patches

The warmer months of the year are the peak time for invasion of your lawn grubs. The grubs that you see in the lawn are C-shaped, off-white in colour with a dark head. They eat the roots of grass, causing irregularly shaped patches of wilted, dead or dying grass. With a serious infestation, the turf can be lifted up from the soil and rolled back like a carpet.

Areas which have been a problem in the past and areas where there is light shining at night such as street lights, security lights or light from un-curtained windows, are places where the largest populations of grubs are likely to be found. We also find agricultural land or old farming land that has been reclaimed for building homes will often present a heap of grub activity.

Lawns that are heavily damaged by grubs will have a yellowish tinge and will feel spongy when walked on. In small populations, grubs do not represent a problem to a healthy lawn. It is normal for all lawns to have some grubs present. 4-6 grubs per square metre of grass won’t cause any visible damage in a healthy lawn. However, when a lawn begins to have more than this, it would be considered a grub problem.