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ADD value to your home with the

best lawn in your street!

Imagine a weed free, lush green lawn...
We provide a regular Lawn Weed and Feed treatment service for all lawns - big or small.  Our specialist Lawn care operators will keep your newly laid lawn looking great or transform your weedy grass into a luscious green lawn, adding to the value of your home and your lifestyle.
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Next Level Lawn Care

For Residential lawns

  • Increase your property’s value and add street appeal from as little as $80
  • Enjoy a perfect lawn for less cost than you can do it yourself!
  • Be the envy of your neighbours with a  healthy, lush green, weed free lawn!

scotts everydrop
lawn wetting agent 

enjoy water bill savings
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Make the most of every drop of available water with Everydrop liquid wetting agent, designed to maximise every drop of water, consistently and evenly.
lawn coring/aeration
  Lawn core-307
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We were so very pleased to see Dave back at our place and happy that you guys are back at work. The lawns needed it! Dave had really good distancing and PEP practices in place which is great to see. I know that you will lose a few but I will be singing your praises. S Power, Napier