Our team work hard to deliver NZ’s best lawn weed and feed service. Customer referrals are a big part of our business and your recommendation is the best form of advertising we can get.
who are our clients and what they say about us
I want to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent service your team has provided thus far. Please know that this decision is not a reflection of your work, but rather a personal choice.
I appreciate the time and effort your team has dedicated to keeping my lawn looking beautiful, and I will certainly keep your services in mind if I need them in the future. N Home, Auckland

I'm loving my lawn. My kids think I'm crazy falling in love with my lawn lol. PIMP MY LAWN you are MAGIC! P West Hastings

Pimp my Lawn have been looking after our lawns for over a year now. In that time the lawns have gone from scrappy and reasonably weed infested to consistently green and healthy. They get very concerned over any weed patches or unhealthy areas so I don't have to. Sometimes problems take a visit or two to rectify but they always get there.  I would thoroughly recommend them and hate to think what our lawns would look like without them
Kim Thorp, formely chairman of Saatchi and Saatchi NZ Ltd and this country's most awared Creative Director, Havelock North
Thanks so much for the good work that is done - My lawns are looking great - unbelievable actually. I enjoy just walking around them ...thanks so much Russell H, Havelock North

Fantastic job on the edges – very pleased with the work done today. Kind regards, Marie, Auckland

Many thanks for the excellent service
Carol Finch
Was very happy with Nick's explanation of everything and impressed with the way he got stuck into it immediately.Looking forward to seeing the improvement. Thanks again, Cheers, Al Best, Auckland
Thanks, Nick was excellent.  Look forward to our great looking lawn....A Dineen, Remeura
Hi Kate, we would just like to say how impressed we were with your man’s care to detail when he did our lawn and edges yesterday. Keep up the good work. Cheers Derek Hill, Napier
Please find enclosed my cheque for initial lawn treatment. Thank you for that and I especially like the way the edges of the lawn have been trimmed and smartened up. Very nice thank you!
Ruth Cormack (Hamilton-Gibbs) Remuera, Auckland
Thank you for your efficient, reliable and great service,
Kerry Knight, Milford Auckland
Thank you Kate, John was very happy with his conversation with Nick. We are impressed with your service and hope the lawn treatment is as good as the personal service!
Cheers, Gina Paladini, Greenhithe Auckland
It was great to meet Nick today and would like to thank you for your service. Have made payment and look forward to a long relationship with your company.
Lance Andrews, Epsom, Auckland 
Thanks for making my lawn so beautiful. All the best Evelyn
Evelyn Svensden Napier, Hawkes Bay 
PS Evelyn even sent us a box of Chocolates. So thanks right back at you Evelyn!
I really appreciate the service you guys offer and sing your praises!!!
Jill-Marie Johnston, Napier
My lawn looks great so far – can’t believe the difference already!
Megan Small  Waimarama, Hawkes Bay
I like the professional and simple approach to your service and I really look forward to seeing my lawn maintained in an immaculate state. My kids think I'm anal about my lawn but I guess some of us are just that way. Thanks again,
Dan Hakaria, Campbells Bay, Auckland
We have just returned from a week away to the usual over grown lawns and felt we must let you know how totally impressed we are with what you guys did to our lawn so far
Sally Yandell, Hastings, Hawke’s Bay
I just have to say that we are extremely pleased with the results your treatment has had for our lawn. Our neighbours are impressed as well. I have told them how to get the same result. I wish everybody in our subdivision would have their lawns treated
B Taylor, Auckland
Thanks Matt for returning my call and explaining everything to me. It's great service, I thank you very much and look forward to your next visit in a couple of months time!
Chris Parker, Parklands, Napier, Hawkes Bay
Thanks for a wonderful job on my lawns!
Bonnie Mahu, Hastings Hawkes Bay
A brilliant job thanks! I was skeptical at first but my lawn looks at least 200% better! I have told all my friends about you
Bob Gichard, Hastings Hawke’s Bay
We've sold our house so please cancel the service. We've been very pleased with your services and will contact you to start it up again when we have bought a new place in a year or so. Thanks again
L Patterson, Hibiscus Coast
The new place we are moving to has no lawn. I would love to use your service again in the future.
Lyn Connolly
With many thanks – lawn is looking very lush and needs lots of mowing!
Susan Mcsweeney
We are moving overseas so will no longer need your services. Thank you very much for all your help, we are the envy of the neighborhood with our lawn looking very nice and we appreciated the work. Thank you very much
Nicole Muma, Hastings, Hawkes Bay   
What a difference your last treatment made!!! Weeds just disappeared, and the grass looked much healthier. Well worth the money.  Thank you.
Heather Leyland, Havelock North, Hawkes Bay
Geez guys i can't keep up with this lawn stop making it so good
SMS reply to our messenging service 64216--872
Just want to say that the lawn is looking really good. Vast improvement. Really pleased.
Ron Neal, Napier, Hawke’s Bay 
We very much have valued your service and our lawn has been the envy of some of our neighbours (the others have taken up your service). The new owners are keenly interested in your service. I have advised them that your next treatment is due on 16th Nov 09, and provided your contact details.
Our new house will have the front layed with sod and seeded in the back (like here) and as soon as we taken possession we will contact you to resume service there. Have a great day and thanks.
Cheers, Bruce Taylor, Hibiscus Coast, Auckland
We are all very impressed with the almost immediate and miraculous improvement in mums lawn. We will be continuing your fabulous service indefinitely.
Elise Cox, Auckland
Hi there ..  my lawn is looking wonderful after  PIMPS’s intervention, and is the envy of the WHOLE  street and my family  .. many thanks,
Sue Wilkins, Browns Bay, Auckland
I visited friends in Taradale recently who have been using your services for three years. Their lawns are wonderful and my friend's husband admitted it took some time for him to accept that the lawns needed to be kept longer. Their grandsons love to roll around the lawns now which is a testament to the care you give them.
I look forward to our lawns looking just as great.
Cheers Rachel Niven – Parkvale Estate
We are having a lot of comments from neighbours due to how good our lawn is.
Kind regards Jude Schaab, Taradale
We’d like to say thanks for the great service you have provided from our Te Mata Road house to our lovely lawn in Fitzroy, the difference in less than a year at both has been amazing, we’re so glad we got our lawns pimped!!
 I have and will continue to recommend you to anyone who I see has a substandard lawn.
 So thanks again for looking after us,
Cheers, Clem Ludlow, Auckland
I want to congratulate Pimp My Lawn for offering this special price to existing customers not just new customers, that is good business.
Dennis Hirshman, Napier, Hawkes Bay
What a fab way to acknowledge existing customers - job well done,
Tracey Ferris, havelock North, Hawkes Bay
I use Pimp My Lawn regularly and highly recommend them, our lawn has never looked better, they provide a great service.
Lara McCourt, Hastings, Hawkes Bay
Some months ago, I responded to a leaflet drop in our neighbourhood in an attempt to try to  give my lawn a
Little bit of a lift. As a new residential development, I was fortunate in that the developers had left at least 10mm of topsoil. The lawn was full of weeds of all types, was yellowed and totally unappealing.  From the first visit by your turf manager, and after the first rain, the lawn took on a whole new appearance. It looked healthy, was weed free and looked like someone managed and cared for it. Many visits later, it still is weed free, has a nice green appearance and is what I initially wanted.
I cannot speak highly enough of the care and service given by pimp my lawn and their turf managers and have no hesitation in recommending their service.  As they say:  “Transform your Lawn”.
Boyd Hopkins, Auckland
Once the lawn was established, Chris has applied lawn chemical controls and lawn fertilizers to prevent problems from occurring and generally keeping the lawn healthy and weed free. We are delighted.
We have tried on a number of occasions to establish and care for the lawn ourselves (and even engaged other Turf professionals to do the same) and until now, have all produced less than desirable results.
I cannot speak highly enough of the dedicated and specialist Lawn care services and advice offered by Pimp my Lawn and Chris, and have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone.
Michael Harrison , Auckland 
I must say, the lawn look exceptional - it's well worth the money.
Roger Giese Mt Eden