Why Lawn Care

At Pimp my Lawn its our job to make your lawn look great. Period!

Our team of lawn care operators are dedicated to providing an excellent service at a cost effective price (much cheaper than you can do it yourself) using our turf industry expertise and qualification..

Pimp my Lawn is a professional lawn care company specialising in lawn health by providing superior weed control, fertilisation, and other beneficial services for your lawn. Part of our job is to also teach you how you can care for your lawn  to maximise the benefits of our lawn care services, like how to properly water your lawn and mow your lawn correctly. 
Lawn prior to spraying1


2 weeks later after first mow1

3 weeks after treatment

first mow (3)

First mow

Why people choose us
  • Almost 30% of our business is generated by customer referral.
  • Many customers adopt our service because it is more economical than sourcing  & buying the products themselves.
  • Many customers sign up because the Chemicals we use can only be handled by certified operators and are not available on retail shelves or for use by DIY-ers.
  • Many customers sign up because they do not own the correct equipment for application. We use exclusive drift free spray technology which use makes our applications 100% safe.
  • Many of our clients sign up because they don’t have time to do it themselves, or prefer us to do it for them because they have tried and failed.
  • Many customers adopt the service because it improves the appearance of the property and adds real value to their home.
  • Some customers use our service because they need help presenting their homes for sale.
  • Others adopt the service because they no longer want to store hazardous chemicals in their sheds.
Did you know
Did you also know
A healthy lawn does more positive things for the environment besides looking good and the effects of a lush, green, healthy lawn all year round are clear cut. 
  • A healthy Lawn reduces energy consumption through its cooling effects
  • A healthy Lawn reduces global warming trends by filtering out many pollutants commonly found in air.
  • Healthy lawns trap millions of tonnes of dust and dirt from the air each year
  • 200m² of healthy lawn releases enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe!
  • Healthy Lawns also help reduce noise in urban areas!
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