Residential Lawn Care

The programme
Our regular weed and feed service is a professional lawn treatment for all domestic and commercial lawns.

A combination of weed control & fertilisation with our careful attention to your lawn throughout the year means that you'll enjoy a thicker, greener, weed-free lawn faster than ever!

We recommend a minimum 6-8 visits to a property each year and our treatments start from as little as $95 per treatment. Our service includes:
  • Regular Fertilisation (a combination of nutrient based and organic, granular feeds) to promote thick, vibrant lawns with a vigorous root system.

  • Regular Broadleaf Weed Control which takes care of over 100 common Broadleaf weeds.

  • Regular Lawn Insect deterrent helps keep turf destroying insects from invading your lawn. We use a 100% natural product which makes it very safe in public health situations.

  • Our revolutionary Rogue-Grass lawn treatments will reduce the population of grass weeds like Couch and Paspalum!  It will require sequential spray treatments to deliver the desired results. 
  • Our Moss Control will eliminate moss from your lawn. Moss Control is best dealt with in the autumn and winter months.

  • Lawn Disease Control

  • Lawn Edging. We use the most technologically advanced edgers in the world and our customers love us for it! We cannot edge precious tile or stone, circles or uneven surfaces.


The method
Our lawn care operators are all fully qualified turf applicators and we use the finest turf registered products available.
  • We use State of the Art equipment delivering drift-free applications which make it very safe for our clients and their children, pets and surroundings.
  • Our team of operators carry out treatments to the highest possible standard. We remove all obstacles on your lawn, wind up hoses, rake or blow leaves and be aware before we start treating your lawn.
  • We will always leave a calling card with some simple instructions to follow. Following these easy instructions will help you to maximise the benefits of our Lawn Weed and Feed Service.
  • Our lawn care operators will always clean up after themselves. Fertiliser prills are removed from decks and pathways using blowers and edges are cut and tidied using our professional lawn edging machines before we leave your property.
  • All our Staff have a real pride in their appearance. Our trucks are always clean and tidy and we know this gives our customers 100% confidence that we really do care - and is often commented on.
  • We also recycle as much rubbish and green waste as possible, and dispose all chemical containers in line with Agrecovery standards.
Call or email us now and we will organise one of our team to visit your property, inspect your lawn, talk you through our service and send you a quote.