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Mow It

Some people like to mow when they have to, most people mow because they want too, then there are the lawn devotees who mow incessantly because they love their lawns!

The simple act of mowing isn’t what makes a lawn look good. Regular mowing at the correct height determines how healthy and great a lawn can look.
mow lawn1
Follow our simple mowing advice for a great lawn.
  • Sharp blades means a cleaner cut and healthier lawn
  • Frequent mowing. At least one cut each week is ‘grooming’. At least one cut each fortnight is ‘mowing’.
  • Cut your grass high – approx 40-60mm. Helps keeps weeds out and needs less watering
  • Remove clippings – let your grass breathe
  • Dry cut – Helps keeps disease out.
  • Change cutting directions regularly