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Scarify It

Dethatching service-601
Scarification (Dethatching) should be a regular process on your lawn and is best carried out in the Autumn and Spring months.  It is the removal of surface thatch, a thick organic layer of material that wedges between your grass and the soil. If it gets too thick it can stop water and air from penetrating through to the soil, encouraging insect growth and festering lawn disease.

If your lawn shows considerable wear, is thick and spongy or browns off quickly when dry, your lawn may have a thatch problem and most likely needs scarifying. We often over sow with grass seed to promote a healthier lawn for the coming year. 
Follow our simple tips for a great lawn
Scarifying your lawn at least once each year will greatly improve the treatments we apply and promote a healthier lawn throughout the year.
Scarification will also help remove any moss present in your lawn .

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A lot of care shown in the execution of this job, and good advice given to me re mowing heights, lawn grass types etc.
Regards D Strongman, Hamilton