Aerate it

Why aerate your lawn?
Billy Goat PL2500SPH Plugr Aerator


For a beautiful healthy lawn you need to get air,
water and nutrients down through the thatch and soil and into the root zone.


Our Aerator machines make this possible.

Aerators punch holes through the turf and thatch and into the soil to reduce compaction and allow healthy circulation of air, water and nutrients.
When and how often should I aerate my lawn?
Most lawns will benefit from annual aeration, Heavily used lawns, or those growing on heavy clay or subsoil, may need aerating more frequently.
Aeration is best carried out when lawns are under less stress so Autumn (March - May) and Spring (August - November) months are ideal as the lawns are still actively growing to allow to fill in the open spaces where the soil plugs have been removed.

What will I see after aeration?
Your lawn will be covered with small soil plugs which will naturally break down and disappear into the lawn after approx 21 days. 

What are the long terms benefits?
  • Enhancing water absorption
  • Improving Fertiliser effectiveness
  • Reducing water runoff and puddling
  • Improving turf resilience
  • Enhancing heat and drought stress tolerance
  • Improving overall air exchange
How much does Aerating my lawn cost?
Simply click here to request a quote and book a free lawn quotation.
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Why aerate your lawn