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Patch up Lawn Paint

Single can upright

Attention ALL pet owners and lawn perfectionist. Say goodbye to pet urine stains and brown patches on your lawn.

Pimp my Lawn is delighted to introduce Patch up Lawn Paint. It’s an aerosol can of specific green grass coloured paint used to hide annoying pet pee stains or brown patches in your lawn instantly. That’s right, in minutes you can transform dead, brown lawn into green grass again.

This revolutionary can is 100% safe for pets, plants and you. It comes in a large 500g upside down aerosol can so there is no risk of spill. It’s really simple to use, fast drying and long lasting (up to 2 months) so there is no excuse to put up with those annoying and ugly brown spots on your lawn again!

$20 per can or you can buy 3 cans for $50 plus a small courier charge.

So don’t delay. Every home should have a Patch up Can handy!
We guarantee you will be impressed! Click here to order
Dead area before(copy)(copy)

BEFORE - Area sprayed accidently with Roundup

Dead area painted with aerosol can(copy)(copy)

AFTER - Applied Patch up Lawn paint in aerosol can