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Water It

water lawn1
Follow our simple watering advice
  • Deep watering regularly
  • Water early in morning or last thing at night
  • Pitch fork hot spots to help water penetrate the soils surface
Water your lawn when it tells you to, not according to some manual because no two lawns are the same.

Grass type, soil, sun and wind all affect a lawns performance and will determine how often you need to water. .
A frequent deep watering that penetrates into the soil, early in the day or during the evening when it has cooled down will do more good for thirsty grass than a daily sprinkling.

In the height of summer most lawns suffer from heat or drought stress. Watch out for a rapid change in grass colour, (heat will turn a lush green lawn into a burnt blue/black colour) and drought stress will begin with unsightly brown patches in your lawn.  Don't panic. Your lawn is not dead. It's just thirsty. Water as frequently as you can until there is enough moisture in the ground to help the grass recover.

If you have a pop-up sprinkler system installed, make sure you check it regularly to monitor the amount of water being put on your lawn.  Watch out for excessively wet or dry areas, and make sure you change the nozzles in the sprinkler to increase or decrease the water rate. Don’t forget to service the system too.

Don’t mow your lawn too low when it's showing signs of heat and water stress and if possible try to keep off the lawn as much as possible during these periods as the grass will be dry and brittle.

Here's a handy link to some water smart tips on You Tube.