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The Market

From the company’s inception the strategic decision was to establish the company as a weed and feed lawn care  service provider. Rather than investing in a lawn mowing and lawn construction infrastructure, Pimp my Lawns’ strategy is purely to take advantage of the burgeoning lawn care and maintenance market.

There are approximately 2,500 garden service businesses in New Zealand. Unlike many other players in garden and landscape services, we concentrate solely on Lawn Care and the service we offer is 100% guaranteed and fully qualified.

There are a number of efficient lawn mowing, maintenance and garden clean up services which exist in NZ but none promote a  dedicated Lawn treatment Weed and Feed Service like ours. 

Rather than selling the services individually, Pimp my lawn embraces a ‘subscription’ style (multiple visits a year) business model. There are no contracts  however we assume our services are continuous until otherwise notified by the client.