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Caleb Hines Turf manager Pimp my Lawn Rotorua

We are so pleased Caleb joined our team. A very talented young man with strong undertsanding of Horticulutre which started at an early age, Pimp my Lawn allows him to further develop his skill sets and  satisfy his strong desire to build a career in the outdoors. 
Such was his love for horticulture that he entered into landscaping for some time but soon decided that Turf was more up his alley. 

For a relative newbie in Pimp my lawn, his knowledge and ability is excellent. In fact he attended our annual conference for the first time in August 2018 and to be perfectly honest, he could of run the cutter with his Turf intelligence! 

Calebs' personal interests range from reading to hunting and fishing being his No1 sport. Naturally he's a keen gardener and has a super serious vegetable garden. Now the proud Dad of two littlies when he's not hard at work, he is real busy at home. 

Caleb's rolls his sleeves up at all times and gets the work done. He enjoys the interaction all of our clients and with infinite enthusiasm, professionalism and extensive Turf Knowledge, we know you can expect a service that is second to none!