Anthony Julian - Turf Manager South Auckland

Anthony joined us in April 2022 with 30+ years in Horticulture under his belt, working a wide variety of crops in
such areas as agronomy, farm management and plant breeding. In his previous role as Station Manager for Monsanto/Bayer Vegetable Seeds in Pukekohe he developed a new research station and managed a very complex onion breeding program. But aside form onions, Anthony has always been interested in “nice” lawns and that is how he found us!

We jumped at the chance to have Anthony on our team. He brings years of invaluable experience and understanding of biological growing systems and loves his Lawns and gardens too. Anthony is a key member of our team and a stickler for service making him a perfect fit for us! He’s already very popular among his peers,  a natural leader and all round good guy.