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Heine Kohlhase - Turf Manager South Auckland

Heine joined us in August 2013. Having owned his own Green Acres Franchise for 10 years and managed 40 contractors for the last 6 years in lawn and garden maintenance, he's decided he wants to get his hands dirty again. A true outdoors man, he prefers to be on the tools rather than sitting behind a desk with paper clips.

Naturally we jumped at the chance to have Heine on our team. He brings 16 years of invaluable experience with Lawns, gardens and landscapes to our saddle. Heine is a very popular man and has forged a number of key relationships with clients and contractors during his time. He is a stickler for service making him a perfect fit for us! He’s very popular among his peers,  a natural leader and all round good guy.

In a previous life he used to be a cabinet maker which means he has an keen eye for detail. He enjoys sport - especially golf and rugby. In his spare time he manages the junior golf programme, loves fishing and has a perfect garden!