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Meet the team

Pimp my Lawn boasts several thousand clients in the North Island. We have multiple vans on the road and each one of our lawn care operators has made a major contribution to Pimp my Lawn's overall and continued success.

These guys are really clever and they work really hard for Pimp my Lawn, their work colleagues and our customers (and we really appreciate it!). But don't just take our word for it. Simply click on their individual profiles below to find out a bit more about them. We're sure you will be impressed.
kate B-877
Kate Bromley - Managing Director
Kate started Pimp my Lawn after she sold her Wine retail and internet business in Hawkes Bay....
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Paul w-486
Paul Winter - Turf Manager, Hastings 
Paul joined us in March 2021 after 20 years of customer service experience..View profile>
Lucas Auckram - Turf Apprentice Hawke's Bay
Lucas joined our team in March 2021 and he operates alongside our HB team as our first apprentice Turfie..View Profile>
Adrian Collins - Turf Manager Auckland 
Adrian joined Pimp my Lawn in July 2018 and has made real impact already...
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Peter S-274
Peter Setz - Owner and Operator Tauranga 
Peter jumped on board July 2015 when he opened our first operation in Tauranga as owner...View profile >
Phil Byrne-65
Phil Byrne - Turf Manager Napier 
Phil joined our team in April 2021 after  a career in logistics and customer services. He started his career as an  apprentice green-keeper
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Guy M 21-414
Guy Meech - Turf Manager Hawke's Bay
Guy joined our in August 2020 after running a successful business based in Havelock North...
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Brent Lindenberg - Turf Manager Auckland
Brent rejoined our team in March 2021 after a stint away...
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Nick r-794
Nick Redmond - Director
Co-founder of Pimp my Lawn and a qualified Greenkeeper, Nick has a diploma in Horticulture and Amenity Turf...View Profile >
Gary Gregory - Turf Manager Havelock North  
Gary joined the Pimp my Lawn team in June 09 after owning and operating one of HB largest Courier runs for 12 years....View Profile >
tim fitz-54
Tim Fitzwalter - Turf Manager, Hamilton 
Tim joined Pimp my Lawn in Hamilton in August 2012 when the company launched its first Waikato operation...View Profile >

Anthony Julian - Turf Manager - Auckland
Anthony joined us in April 2022. Having has 30 years in Horticulture working in a wide variety of crops..View Profile>

Aron Beet - Turf Manager Hamilton
Aron joined our team in April 2022 after a long stint at St Pauls Collegiate as senior groundsmen ...view profile >

Deanne Couchman - Administration and Customer Services Manager
Deanne joined Pimp my Lawn HQ in April 2022. Her key responsibility is managing Hamilton, Rotorua and Tauranga and...View profile >
Jason V-129
Jason Venema - Turf Manager 
Jason joined our team in January 2021 after returning for a head
green-keepers role in the Netherlands...
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Simon Brown - Turf Manager 
Simon joined our Tauranga branch team in February 2022 and whilst a newbie to Turf..
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Charlotte Hall- Administration and Customer Services Manager
Charlotte joined Pimp my Lawn in April 2022 and we're delighted to have her on board...View Profile >
Ben s-281
Ben Siviter - Turf Manager Rotorua
Ben joined our team in May 2020 and we're delighted to have him join Caleb in our fast growing Rotorua saddle. A popular
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Jason M-868
Jason Manuel - Turf Manager Auckland
Jason joined our team in 2014 after working as a Lawn Care Specialist for the previous 5 years...
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Caleb -768
Caleb Hines - Turf Manager Rotorua   
Caleb joins Pimp my Lawn team after a long stint in pastoral managaement on a dairy farm....
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J Byrne-800
Johnny Byrne - Turf Manager Havelock North 
Johnny joined our Hawke's Bay team in June 2021. Prior to this he was at Farmlands...View profile >
Dwayne Gaston - Turf Manager Auckland
Dwayne joined our fast growing Auckland team in April 2017 after many years of service to lawn construction...View profile >
Ben CW-6
Ben Colmore - Williams - Turf Manager Auckland
Ben joined our busy Auckland operation in Jan 2020. With a landscaping background and a strong interest in Turf..View profile >
Hayden Hansen - Turf Manager Hawke's Bay
Hayden joined our busy Hawkes Bay operation in May 2021. ..View profile >