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Community Organisations

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Our revolutionary equipment performs flawlessly on residential to mid-sized commercial properties and our exclsuive NZ Spreader Sprayers are the perfect machines for larger commercial properties and sports fields.
Schools and Sports Grounds
We provide a cost effective and efficient lawn care solution for all Schools which  do not have the infrastructure or the luxury of a 'bottomless budget' to employ someone full time to carry out grounds work.

From as little as $7.50 per 100m², our revolutionary Spreader Sprayer machines are great on flats and slight slopes which means no job is too tough. This high quality delivery system coupled with more maneuverability means Schools and their students can now enjoy weed free sports fields and surrounding grass areas all year round.

We will even work with your School to make sure our treatments are carried out after operating hours, in weekends or during school holiday breaks.
Landmark lawn
Parks and Reserves
Pimp my Lawn also works closely with some local councils to improve the overall quality of town reserves, landmarks, show gardens and roundabouts in prominent locations.  There is no doubt a better quality grass surrounds will enhance the charm of all landmarks and will further cement civic pride and community identity.

And a healthy lawn does more positive things for the environment besides looking good. The positive effects of a healthy lawn and garden are abundant
kids at play
Kindergarten and Day Care centres
Making it green and healthy for children.

When a lawn is green and healthy it invites you to kick off your shoes and enjoy it.
Which is what it is all about for us when we treat lawns at Pre School or Day Care centres.

It’s not always easy to keep the lawn thick and lush with so many little feet running on it each day but our treatments will definitely improve the overall condition and appearance of the lawn. As a result it will perform better over the summer months when it gets pounded with repeated use. Teachers and supervisors will also rest easy with a bee free, prickle free zone so kids can play on the lawn all day long.

Remember to ask about special rates for all Pre School Organisations.

Pimp my Lawn prides itself on supporting as many Community Organisations as we possibly can.

Call or email us now and we will organise one of our team to visit your property, inspect your lawn, talk you through our service and send you a quote. Find out more >>