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Commercial lawns

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No lawn is too BIG for the transformer!

Introducing the Pimp my Lawn Tranformer Spreader Sprayer machine.

Exclusive to Pimp my Lawn, our revolutionary Spreader sprayer machines perform flawlessly on residential to mid-sized commercial properties and are the perfect machines for larger properties like sports fields.

We can treat Body Corporates, Commercial lawns, Retirement villages, Sports grounds, Wineries, Home stays, Bed and Breakfasts, Lifestyle blocks, residential lawns and even your beach house lawn!

These machines will stand up to your toughest spreading and spraying demands and treat up to 20000m² in record time (that is the equivalent size of two rugby fields).

Our machinery also enables us to deliver a more efficent service and cost effective service on larger lawn areas!
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Combined Fertiliser and Weed Spray Application $15.00 per 100m²
Weed Spray application only $7.50 per 100m²
Minimum lawn size 1500m².
POA for larger Lawn areas