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More and more New Zealand homeowners are heading to their homes to
fight the recent property slump .

According to experts in the valuation industry, a well kept lawn and garden is one of the most effective ways of adding  street appeal and value to a property.

And even in an uncertain property  market, people who need to sell are adopting our services to add value to their homes.

For as little as $1 a day , New Zealand homeowners can transform their lawn and the value of their properties.
Environmentally friendly lawns
A healthy lawn does more positive things for the environment besides looking good and the effects of a lush, green, healthy lawn all year round are clear cut.  

•A healthy Lawn reduces energy consumption through its cooling effects
•A healthy Lawn reduces global warming trends by filtering out many pollutants commonly found in air.
•Healthy lawns trap millions of tons of dust and dirt from the air each year
•200m² of healthy lawn releases enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe!
•Healthy Lawns also help reduce noise in urban areas!