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Kate Bromley - Franchise and operations director Pimp my Lawn

Kate started Pimp my Lawn after she sold her Wine retail and internet business in Hawke’s Bay, back in 2007. After 9 years in this company (she started at 23) it had morphed into one of NZ’s largest and independent specialist wine retailers. Kate worked full time in the business managing and directing its operations, implementing the business systems, being a deal maker and leading a tight team of staff to the top. 

Until this point, her career was highlighted (and dominated) entirely with working in restaurants, booze stores and wine shops. Sounds like everyone’s dream job, and we know Kate loved it, but it was also time for change. And if any of you know Kate, you will appreciate it’s not in her nature to be idle.

In April 2007 Kate sold her wine business. She immediately joined a golf club, which was a mistake because 2½ months later, Pimp my Lawn was born. She launched Pimp my Lawn along with Nick in July 2007 with one staff member, a small van and an introductory letter to a bunch of Hawkes Bay people.  The first month of trading was outstanding with client sign-up numbers outperforming 6 month predictions! From that day on, there’s been little time for golf, but the business has never looked back.

Kate leads the team at Pimp my Lawn, playing a major role in setting the company’s strategies, the planning and execution of them. Her practical and hands on approach to everything helps make the business ‘tick’. Her relentless pursuit of excellence and her permanent goal to be NZ’s leading lawn care provider, ensure it’s always very busy at Pimp my Lawn!

Kate’s a popular boss and over the years of owning her own business, has always embraced ‘a-lead-by-example’ management style.  Put simply, there is no task Kate would ask her team to do, that she hasn’t already done herself. Her wish for success is matched by few and Kate’s desires to help those surrounded by her achieve great things, is matched by none. Famously known for her very practical and hands on approach to everything, there is little she won't attempt to do!

Kate left school and instead of heading to University with all her friends, she rolled her sleeves up and started working. From the outset she had a goal. She wanted to own and run her own business, but at this early stage she wasn’t exactly sure what it would be or what she would do.

To cut a long story short, in 1999 at the age of 23 she opened a wine store in the middle of Hastings. But even prior to this she was no stranger to work. She began her working career at 10 with a paper round, and she doubled this with a pre cooker role in a fish ‘n’ chip shop every Friday night.  At high school she started working for a food distribution company where she was up at 4am (before school) and worked til 7am twice weekly, then headed back to the depot every day after school.  She then started working in restaurants (still under age at 18!) and held senior management roles virtually from the outset, performing her duties with a maturity well beyond her years.. Kate led and directed a number of people over her time and some many years her senior, but it never fazed her!

In her own time, Kate loves cooking. Dinner parties are her thing and she also enjoys restaurants and dining out. Kate also enjoys art and painting (however this has taken a back seat to business) and loves her garden. It goes with saying; she is also VERY obsessed with her lawn!