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Guy Meech - Turf Manager Havelock North

Guy joined our August 2020 and has embraced turf management like it is something he has been reciting for years.

Having spent the past 15 years self employed, Guy was ready for the transition back to being an employee. Guy is a practical hand’s on person who has had vast experience in both the horticultural & retail industries. He has always been fully involved at all levels of business. Recently at The Strawberry Patch he was managing all aspects of the business which included the production and management of growing Strawberries and vegetable products and the running of a retail shop. This involved using software, interaction with customers & suppliers, managing staff, and ordering product.

Guy enjoy the outdoors and has a real interest in landscaping and good looking lawns! Over the years he's completed several landscaping projects and in doing so has developed a sound knowledge of weed and moss control, and racked up many hours using small machinery and power tools.

Guy prefers the outdoors so is a perfect fit for us.