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Meet the team

Pimp my Lawn boasts several thousand clients in the North Island. We have multiple vans on the road and each one of our lawn care operators has made a major contribution to Pimp my Lawn's overall and continued success.

These guys are really clever and they work really hard for Pimp my Lawn, their work collegaues and our customers (and we really appreciate it!). But don't just take our word for it. Simply click on their individual profiles below to find out a bit more about them. We're sure you will be impressed.
Kate bromley
Kate Bromley - Managing Director
Kate started Pimp my Lawn after she sold her Wine business in Hawke’s Bay,....
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dean hannah-612
Dean Hannah -Turf Manager Hastings
Dean joined us in 2018 after long stints in sales and marketing in Hawkes Bay...
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Steve Herries
Stephen Herries - Turf Manager, Hastings 
Stephen joins Michael Connor in his busy Hastings operation as it continues to expand...
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IMG 4493 (2)-40
Kerry Lowndes- Turf Manager - Hamilton
Kerry joined our team in june 2017 as the Waikato area continues to break all records...
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Brent Lindenberg
Brent Lindenberg - Turf Manager Auckland 
Brent joined Pimp my Lawn in November 2014 fresh off the Pakuranga Golf course where...
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Peter Setz
Peter Setz - Owner and Operator Tauranga 
Peter jumped on board with us on July 06, 2015 when he opened our first operation in Tauranga as owner and operator along...
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Daniel Willis - Turf Manager Havelock North 
Daniel joined Garys fast growing havelock unti in November of 2017...
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Nick Redmond
Nick Redmond - Director
Co-founder of Pimp my Lawn and a qualified Greenkeeper...

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Gary Gregory
Gary Gregory - Franchise Owner and Operator Gary joined the Pimp my Lawn team in June 2009 after owning and operating one of Hawke’s Bay
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Tim Fitzwalter
Tim Fitzwalter - Turf Manager, Hamilton 
Tim joined the team in 2012 and is managing the Hamilton Pimp my Lawn. Tim and his family settled in...View Profile >
Heine Kohlhase
Heine Kohlhase - Turf Manager - Auckland
Heine joined us in August 2013. Having owned his own Franchise for 10 years and subsequently...View Profile>
Rob Watson
Rob Watson - Turf Manager Cambridge
Rob joined our Hamilton branch in March 2015 after many years of self employment in the UK...
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Michelle Powell
Michelle Powell - Administration and Customer Services Manager
Michelle joined Pimp my Lawn HQ in May 2015. Her key responsibility is managing Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga saddles....
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Callum Brown-335-138
Callum Brown- Turf Manager 
Callum joined our fast growing Auckland team in August 2017.
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Christine Beal
Christine Beal - Administration and Customer Services Manager
Christine joined us in January 2012 having spent most of her years...
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Tyrel Godsiff
Tyrel Godsiff- Turf Manager
Tyrel joined our team in 2017 and we're delighted to have him operating the Napier saddle which is under new ownership.
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Jason Manuel
Jason Manuel - Turf Manager Auckland
Jason joined our team in Auckland having spent several years in the lawn construction..
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Nick Redmond
Caleb Hines - Turf Manager Rotorua   
Caleb joins Pimp my Lawn team iafter a long stint in pastoral managaement on a dairy farm....
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Jay Ruwhiu - Turf Manager 
Jay joined our team in January 2018 and we're delighted to have him. With many years experience in Turf
and a qualified Greenkeeper
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Tim Busch-727
Tim Busch - Turf Manager Havelock North 
Tim joined our Hawke's Bay branch in March 2018. Prior to this he was managing a large landscaping firm in Sydney before joining us back in the bay..View profile >
Dwayne Gaston
Dwayne Gaston - Turf Manager 
Dwayne joined our Auckland team in April 2017. With a long service history in Turf maintenance..
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